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yes this is a picture of a sassy brown kid. which is inside all of us, waiting to get out. we really wanna stand up to all those aunties, uncles, moms, dads, and everyone else who make all our lives mushkil. Sadly, we will have to deal with these problems only brown kids have. Arre vah.

Hi guys!
So I move back to college tomorrow, so a lot of school things will be piling up so I apologize for any inactivity that might follow, but I understand a bunch of you are going back to school so you’ll all be busy too but as soon as things slow down, which should be like 2, 3 days or so, I’ll post some more stuff :)

Good luck to everyone on their first days at school or if you’re out of school, have a great day doing whatever you’re doing :)


lol its a pink unicorn llama thats awesome

lol its a pink unicorn llama thats awesome